Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News Flash and Tabby Toesday

Abby: Sen-Chan, Tom, and #1 of The Poupounette have welcomed a new member of the family to their home yesterday! It's a coup for the cats, as felines Sen-Chan and his new Abyssinian sister now outnumber the other species in their household. We are so excited for all of you. Congratulations! She is a lucky little girl.

Speaking of lucky, Ms. C was very lucky this morning because I chose to warm her lap:

I don't know why they call relaxing "chilling out," because we were so warm and cozy. I love to lay all flat and spread out to maximize my warmth intake. I just let my tabby toes hang in the air, I was very relaxed!

I am not usually a lap cat. This morning, however, it was much colder than I was used to. The sun was not out. It was raining. I thought Ms. C looked like she could use some kitty warmth, so that's why I did it. Now that the sun has come back out, though, Stygia and I need to get back to our positions on the window.


The Island Cats said...

That was very nice of you, Abby, to give Ms. C some warmth! And we like the hangin' toesies!

Sen and Tom said...

Hi! Thanks for the thumbs-up on the arrival of our little sister! She is settling in, but it will take her a little while to get used to the idea that big guys like us can be so very sweet!

Great photos. We especially like the one of Abby in Ms. C's lap. Ms.C's smile says it all!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan and Tom

Daisy said...

That was very, very exciting news about the new kitten at Sen and Tom's house!

Abby, you are a very nice lap-warmer.

Cat with a garden said...

It is very exciting that they brought the little one together with her friends. What a great idea to help her settle in! You know what? (whispering) I think your example and theirs is having a good effect on my mom. Let's hold paws crossed that she'll get me a mate, too!
Your a good lap cat Abby, I bet you'll do it more often during winter. It's nice to see the humans smiling like your mom.
Purrs, Siena

michico*Adan said...

Oah that is sweet, Abby~
Michico says she wanna be Ms.C as well, must be extremely well~

GRRRETA said...

That is such wonderful news about Sen-Chan's and Tom's new little sister. Abby, I'll have to try your technique for maximizing warmth intake. It sounds ingenious.