Monday, March 11, 2013

Poor Stygia!

Ms. C: Stygia went to the vet on Friday morning. She was not very happy about this! She meowed mournfully the whole mile-and-a-half to the vet's office.

As you can see, being at the vet is a scary experience! Stygia burrowed into my elbow/armpit area and remained there for the entire visit. Unlike Styx, she does not get mad and try to fight having her temperature taken or other indignities, such as getting an antibiotics shot. She just hides her little head and waits for it all to be over. She sheds a lot. But otherwise, a model patient:

It seems she has a urinary tract infection (UTI), which she has had before. She does not think that she is lucky that she has to take a pill each evening. I hope she will be feeling better soon. The vet said to expect to see a big improvement in 3-5 days, and if we don't see that, to give a call. Today is day 4 and she still seems to be uncomfortable, so we'll see what happens.

Cross your paws for Stygia!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Styx:  As you can see, I have been making great progress! I actually managed to sleep right next to Stygia the other day. I don't think she was exactly excited about it, but she was very tired, didn't hiss, and didn't move away. I, myself, was very happy about this occasion. I hope for more.

As you can see, I also rest near Abby (I'm on the blanket on top of the couch). She also did not move away, which is new. We play together pretty often. Sometimes we get rowdy very late at night, which inspires Ms. C to get up and write about us. Tee hee!

I am also helping Ms. C with her new artwork. The paints Mr. R ordered for her for Christmas finally all arrived, and so she has begun to work.  Wouldn't you feel a lot better about work or anything you do in life if you had this view all of the time? 

Stygia: Bastet, grant me the serenity to accept the cats I cannot change, courage to chase the ones I can, and wisdom to know when to stop so Ms. C does not get out the squirt bottle again.