Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Mousebreath Interview!

Stygia: Exciting news today, friends! We have been featured on Mousebreath! We really enjoyed talking to Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Rusty, and Micah (the intrepid felines of Jan's Funny Farm) and answering all of their questions. You can read all about it by hopping over to Mousebreath by clicking on the graphic below:

Percy is their lead spokescat. Hey! How come we don't have a lead spokescat here?

Abby: Because you are too busy either sitting in the sun or sleeping or flirting with Mr. R, Styx is too young, and I... well, I would take the job but I have to help Ms. C.

Stygia: Hmm. Okay. Well! You can visit Jan's Funny farm and read about her bunch by clicking on this next graphic. Thanks so much, Percy and friends for this fun opportunity!