Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ms. C is Ancient

Abby: Hear ye, hear ye! Ms. C is officially ancient today! If we lived as long as she has, we would consider ourselves little Goddesses. Well, we do already. We might even deign to permit Ms. C to join our ranks if she feeds us extra!

What more could anyone want for their birthday than THIS? Come on, let's play with the bows!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where do YOU sleep?

Stygia: Where do you sleep? Well, last night I found my way into a suitcase that was slightly open. In case you think this was an easy thing, think again. I got halfway in, and that darn Abby came up and started sniffing my undertail area; I admit, I panicked a bit. I lost my footing. It took me at least a whole 'nother minute to haul the rest of myself into the suitcase, and Mr. R had the nerve to laugh at my efforts.

But I got in. And it was good.

A much safer bet is being in repose next to a pair of Ms. C's smelly socks, as you can see here:

From this position, it's easy not only to gaze at Ms. C doing whatever she is doing, but also to keep my senses open to what kind of trouble Abby could be concocting now.

Abby: For those of you who have been left with the idea that I am a classless cat from Stygia's tale above, just check out the unaltered photographic evidence to the contrary:

Here I am, swaddled in an Italian silk scarf, atop a plush down blankie. Can you think of anything more classy and better-scented than natural silk and down? OK, I agree, Ms. C's socks are not that bad, but I have class! No matter what she says.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

Abby: I hid this morning. People drove around the outside of my home with a loud truck, and I didn't like it. It's ok to sit in the window during the thunderstorms -- I know the difference between the pleasant sounds of nature and the intimidating sounds of people!

So Ms. C sang loudly, which made me come out. And become playful and active with this thing she so kindly left out just for me:

Wanna try it, too?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sun Pigs

Stygia: Did all of you have a nice day? WE did. Mum calls us "sun pigs." Is that another name for cats? I never knew.

Abby: Sun pig? Are you serious? I am a little better with words than Stygia "Worm" is, and I'm not so sure that's flattering... except as you can see I am too busy to care right now:

PS. Stygia, your nose looks big in the sun!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day: Exhibits

Stygia: I am thankful for my Mum Ms. C, Mr. R, my new home, sunny days, and even for my pesky sister Abby (because chasing her is a necessity and a hobby, and can be very entertaining). I am not sure I can be thankful for the strange ways Ms. C and Mr. R think sometimes. Sometimes they refer to my back leg-fur when I sit as "turkey fluff." The reason why was not revealed until today:

OH! How could she?!

Good thing she has a REAL turkey in the fridge awaiting the oven. A real turkey's job is not one I envy.

To all of you celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful and safe holiday! To those of you not celebrating, we hope you have a wonderful and safe day of course, anyway!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wiggling Wednesday

Abby: Mum caught me watching the blue jays trying to take over the yard.

Wouldn't you like to see what I am seeing?

Ms. C: Actually, Abby, we find looking at you to be much more entertaining. I mean interesting.

Abby: Also check me and all the other tabby cats out for Whisker Wednesday at the Tabby Cat Club blog! What would we do without whiskers?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rainy Days and Holiday Ideas

Stygia: It's raining outside. Where's my sun? Ms. C says I am getting very spoiled; I have made all kinds of little question-meows at her today because I am sure she will turn the sun back on if only I am cute and beseeching enough. I believe in my Mum!

Abby: I slept a lot today. Well, I sleep a lot every day. But that doesn't mean I neglect my snoopervision duties.

For instance, yesterday Ms. C was over at A Tonk's Tail blog about Petfinder's "Foster a Lonely Pet For the Holidays" program. She told me that she wishes she could do that -- to bring some lonely kitties to our home for the holidays, except we are renters and are at our pet-limit with Stygia and me. I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE IS THINKING! Is she CRAZY? More cats?? Or even a DOG? Well, actually... I kinda like dogs. They like taking directions, and I am good at giving them... but AHEM.

OK, Mum, all right. It's ok to tell everyone else about it cause if they have room to help a lonely doggie or kitty then now they know where to look if they wanna help. You can read all about it on the Tonk's Tail blog (link above) or visit the Petfinder site here!

Now Mum, aren't we enough? Right? Or do we have to prove it... tee hee hee hee hee!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tabby Cat Club and more!

Abby: Mum has been neglecting our page for a few days, but on the upside she has been arranging things to be comfier for US! She made sure that this beautiful catcase was assembled for me in a spot where I can lurk and keep an eye on her:

Also, I have joined Gracie's Tabby Cat Club! It's tigeriffic! It you wanna check it out or even become a member, just click on the logo with my face on it in the sidebar to the right -->

Stygia: Ms. C took our picture together. She really likes to do that, and we don't often permit her to appear on the blog, but I thought it was a nice picture of my own eyes:

In case you wonder what worthy tasks I have been involved in lately, I am still inhabiting Ms. C's desk during the daytime. As you can see, it gets some great sunlight. I was very impressed to find out our Mum chose to put her desk in a spot that we cats would appreciate, too. Thoughtful!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Goes There?

Stygia: Who goes there, in our yard? Do you see what I see?

Do you see??
Do you?!
What in the world?!

Maybe this will help you see:

Abby: I'm just gonna stay here and guard the tub with my scared tail! Ok?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goofy Faces

Stygia: I am not sure why Ms. C is calling this post the "goofy faces edition." I think I look very serious and grown-up. Not at all like a cat who managed to take a picture of herself.

Abby: For once, I agree with you Stygia. There is nothing at all goofy about ME, either!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sun-day is really Caturday

Stygia: Ms. C and Mr. R have been very busy making our home all organized this weekend. We have been busy offering our love and caring for our paws. Here I am doing the "shark" pose greeting to Ms. C in the sun:

Abby: A sunny window is the ideal place for a bath. I bet you humans and doggies and others wish you could fit here and do the same:

Stygia: I don't know why Mr. R laughed at me and said I was not very graceful when he saw me engaged in paw-care on the cat condo:

Abby: I don't care how warm the person is, being held makes me angry!!

We hope all of you have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Stygia: I am going to tell you a secret today, although I don't want it to be a secret any longer. I am going to tell you my True Name.

When Ms. C and Mr. R rescued me from the SPCA, there was a little card on my cage that said my name was "Bear." Ms. C says I probably got this name when I was a kitten, because I am black and you know how kittens look before their ears really develop, they have little bear-ears. But I never responded to this name, so they called me Stygia.

Mr. R invented the name Stygia, from the word "stygian" which refers to the way the river Styx looks -- black as night. This is the name on my medical records and what my people often call me. It is my given name, but it is still not my True Name.

One day a few weeks ago, Ms. C called to me (as a joke, she thought), and said, "Come here, little worm!" How did she know? I thought. I ran to her. She just called me by my True Name! She thought it was a fluke, so she moved away and said it again: "Come here, Worm!"

This was wonderful! She was calling me by the name I prefer, and so I ran over to her again.

She called Mr. R over to witness this because she just could not believe it, and wanted him to believe it. "Here, Worm!" he called to me. With a happy meow, I ran to him.

So now you know the story of how my people discovered my True Name. I prefer to be called Worm, and I respond to it by running to my people when they use it. I am training them well, and we are all happier! Ms. C thought I would never learn my name, but she was wrong; they were just using the wrong one.

PS. Our Mum thought about doing a Veteran's Day post, but so many of you have done such wonderful tributes already. We will tell you what we did today -- our Mr. R is a veteran, and we respectfully let him sleep in today without disturbing him at all! It is the best we cats could do.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Game face!

Stygia: Yesterday featured Abby, so today features moi. Here you can see me ready to pounce as Ms. C and I were playing a game yesterday! My fangs show that I am at the ready.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm telling you

Abby: Mum, I am telling you! I really love you!

Stygia: And I am telling you, you need to clean the windows. But I am still having a great time.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Starting Early

Abby: We started this morning an hour before the people were ready to get up. After all, they may have reset their clocks, but they did not reset US. So we ran around madly, chasing each other, for an hour before their alarm went off.

As you can see, I have already returned to one of my favorite activities, being Ms. C's Chair Vulture. It's a very comfortable position, and of course from this spot I can see everything she does. Which is important, because she could be ready to be giving me tuna at any time. Right?

Stygia: As soon as the sun starts coming in our windows, you know where to find me. Until then, I will be curled up in my own chair next to Ms. C.

Look at this, Ms. C caught us on the couch together! I know some of you didn't believe me the other day when I called Abby "goofy," but just LOOK at her pose in the window. That's goofy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Cats

Stygia: Ms. C is going to have a very busy day today, and so will we. There are so many important things for cats to do on sundays. I think I will spend a great deal of it in the sunny window, keeping track of things. Sometimes I even see Other Cats outside!

Abby: Look at this great spot! Ms. C set this chair up for me right next to her own at her desk, and it's positioned so I can get maximum sunbathing.

Do you like this closeup of my beard and bellyfluff?

Stygia: I have a great idea. I am going to spend a lot of time sitting on Ms. C's desk. From here, I can see all that she does and I can know where Abby is, too. Abby fills me with suspicion. I might even plot to chase Abby as I gaze upon everything.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Greedy Ways

Ms C: There is a very special time of day in our household; it happens every day at about 6pm. It's known as "Cat Time." For at least an hour beforehand, Abby campaigns avidly to remind me that it is almost Cat Time.

What is Cat Time? It's simple. Cat Time is tuna time for Abby and treats time for Stygia (who doesn't like wet food). Stygia enjoys and appreciates her temptations, but the one who really sets into her food with fervor is Abby:

Ahhhh, besides Cat Time, there is nothing quite like a big stretch in the sun! We hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Stygia: *preens self* Ms. C said she thinks I look very noble when I'm sitting in the window. Do you agree? Do I look like a royal feline, looking down upon my constituents with my benevolent gaze?

Do I at least look more noble than goofy Abby??

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Favorite New Activities

Abby: This morning we would like to share with you some of our favorite new activities. They do not vary too much, but that is because they are so wonderful!

My new favorite location is in this window, of course. Ms. C thinks I look angry in this picture, but I want to assure you that I am not. It's just that I am not quite accustomed to being in such bright sun anymore and I am trying not to squint. How wonderful it is!

Stygia: I am manning, er, catting, this strategic position on the cat condo. From here, I can circle about and keep track of activities inside the house, as well as monitor for intruders outside the house. It's a tough job, but I have years of experience!

Abby: For those of you who thought I looked angry in the window. I'll show you angry. Here is my angry face as I am lounging on Ms. C's lap. I am angry because Stygia approached and dared to stand up with her front paws against the arm rest and meow to Ms. C while I was getting my cuddle time:

She didn't stay for long so I guess she took the hint from my flat eyes and rumpled brow!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On Patrol in the New Place

Stygia: Ms. C is chiding me because she says I am moving around so much it's hard to get a good picture of me. I think she just needs to improve her skills.

And I have LOTS to investigate. Ms. C managed to sneak one of me as I checked out the shower:

She said I was moving too much in the other pics and could barely tell it was a cat and not a black hole living in the house. I think she was rude to say that.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We all have a new home!

Abby: Greetings, friends! It's been too long since we last posted. Ms. C, Mr. R, Stygia and I all moved into a new place this past weekend. Stygia and I did not arrive to the new place until around 10pm Sunday night, and we weren't too sure we liked the new place. It was dark, and it smelled a lot different than what we were used to. Stygia cried and cried in confusion, but I only hissed.

Then, the morning came and we discovered....

....the window!

Yes, as you can see, when this place was built, they obviously had me in mind because there is a super window with lots of space for stretching out in the sun. And we get sun all morning and afternoon! WOW! This is great.

We hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween and have been staying warm if it's winter where you are. Hope to hear from you soon! Ms. C says there will be lots more picture to come once she and Mr. R finish setting up the furniture and stuff the way we like it best.