Saturday, July 7, 2012

An Abby Normal Kind of Day

Abby: Today is a day for me only. Every cat needs a day like that, right? So here I am, as you can see I am going to tell you all about what's going on here. 

Some of you will be VERY interested in seeing what's happening in our back yard these days! It seems we have a new family living here. How many do you see? Should we GET them?

It's warm out. Being flat helps.

I am very interested in all my my Mum, Ms. C, has to do. I follow her everywhere, and she was sick the last few days with a sinus thing, but I had a fantastic time. She slept a lot, and I made sure I was right there, curled up in her armpit. I can get very small if I need to!

For some reason, Ms. C put this blanket on the floor, and I found it to be VERY stimulating. Maybe it had something to do with our catnip plant nearby, maybe not. I'm not telling!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To feed or not to feed...

Stygia: Ms. C wants to know.... even though this happened a couple of days ago... if this is the first thing you saw in the morning, would you feed it? Be honest!