Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Abby's Secret

Abby: Let me tell you a secret . . . 

Stygia: Ha HA! I know your secret!

Arrrrooww! rrr-rrr-rr! Moww, rrrr-rrr rrowr rrr-rr-rr!!

Yeah, I know all of your secrets!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday to Stygia!

Ms. C: Today, Stygia is 6 years old. In case you are not familiar with the story of Stygia, we adopted her from the SPCA animal shelter on the day after her 2nd birthday. We thought she was an exotic oriental cat because she was so slender.... but it turns out she was starving. As you can see, she is a typical shorthair house panther:

Here is Stygia peeking out from the window! Abby's in it too, so they look like one long cat!

Stygia has been in a long-term relationship with this toy, the plague ratsy, which takes all the beatings she can offer, especially with those big bunny kicks and large fangs. They tend to lose their ears but that's it! She is playful.

Chasing Abby is a daily sport! Stygia is stubborn and doesn't give up.

Stygia has a great appreciation for plant life. Here she is in the window with her catnip and mint plant, which was purchased especially for the cats. Being in the window on a nice day when the screen is open is her most favorite hangout.

Sharing the window with Abby isn't always welcome, but as long as Abby keeps to herself, Stygia is a gracious sharer.

Stygia loves everyone who comes her way, and she would love you too! Thanks for sharing this special day with her!