Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day and Birthday, Stygia!

Stygia: Today is a very special day for me, because it is both my Gotcha Day and my seventh Birthday! As you can see, I am here putting my paw down early in the morning so that Ms. C will be sure to commemorate this day as she ought!

When I first came to my forever home in August of 2008, I was 2 years old, and so skinny that Ms. C and Mr. R thought they were adopting an oriental style cat. However, as you can see from the examples below, this was not the case! I was depressed and not eating, but as soon as Ms. C gave the the BLUE MOUSIE that you see me rolling with, I knew that I was loved and promptly began to eat and play the way I really wanted to do. I just wanted to know I was loved. 

Besides being my birthday and gotcha day, I hope today will be just like every day since I came to my forever home with Ms. C and Mr. R -- one in which I can roll, play, snooze, and cuddle to my heart's content!