Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Of Goddesses and Butt-Fluff

Stygia: Hello! This is a picture from yesterday, but Ms. C really liked what she refers to my "Bastet silhouette" and she wanted me to share it with you. Of course I agreed, because anything that makes me look like a Goddess is fine with me!

Abby: This is a really good place from which I can stare at Ms. C, and be lazy at the same time. You know, our humans really, truly need us for so many reasons. Keeping a close eye on them is one of our most important roles as cats. Whatever would they do without us?

Full Monty, you say? Full Monty it is! Best of all, it is in the sun. I am sure Stygia over on the right thinks I am hogging it. It is a great place to start bathing. I really feel bad for all of those dogs who have to get baths in sunless bathrooms, and can't just stretch out and do it themselves in the wonderful sun spots.

Ms. C says I have developed some "respectable butt-fluff." Do you agree?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feelin' Cozy

Abby: Ms. C says we ended up with over a foot of snow yesterday! And we were one of the lucky families in our area that did not lose power. Nevertheless, it was much colder than we cats were used to. Ms. C covered me with her bathrobe while I was relaxing on the floor, and I really liked how nice and warm it made me feel. Here I am giving Ms. C a small meow because she is talking to me, and I like to reply:

I am not biting my sister Stygia in this picture! She was wanting to play with that green mousie you see, but when I came over to give her a little help with washing her ears, she stretched out for me. I wish she would wash my ears, I can tell it feels good!

Stygia: She knew I was feeling playful, so of course as soon as the washing ended, we had to wrestle! I find that wrestling in the presence of my favorite mouse (the green one that still has a tail, of course!) makes it even more fun!!!

Ms. C: Here are some of our poor birch trees, weighed down by the heavy snow:

At last, the sun comes out! Yesterday, there was no sun, so of course Abby and Stygia have gravitated towards those warm spots on the cat condo and floor, to bathe and fall helplessly into naps!

What a week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

.... White Stuff?!

Stygia: It is not very nice out today, but I don't mind that much. It is warm in here, and I am snoopervising Ms. C while she does some painting. See how nicely I tuck? By the way, I know some of you are down on me for whapping Abby yesterday! But she practically did a drive-by licking. If you're going to do a job, do it right! Not half-pawed! Or tongued!

Ms. C took this picture at 8am this morning. It is not very cold out (33 degrees F), so the snow is very wet and heavy, and therefore hard to move. But we are cozy inside!

Abby: Snow, schmow. I am cozy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friendly and Good

Abby: I am a good cat. I have the evidence to show you to prove it, as well! For example, I take good care of my cleanliness, and this is an important part of being a cat. Here, you can see I feel happy and comfortable washing my tail on Ms. C's desk!

In the middle of the afternoon, I like to have a nap. Sometimes, if I am lucky, Ms. C likes to have a nap, too. When she does, it's always the best if we can nap together and be cozy:

Finally, I try to be good to my sister. This is not wrestling that you see going on here! I have my arm around my sister's shoulder, and I am very thoroughly cleaning her forehead and ears for her. This time, I do not even get too excited and bite her. I just calmly wash and wash, and she was content, closing her eyes with that sleepy, happy expression. When I was done, I serenely walked away --- but do you know what she did then? She reached out and WHAPPED me! Mr. R said it was because I stopped too soon! What do you think?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

George's meme!

Stygia: George of The Crew has passed this meme along to us, so we are going to do our best to tackle him! I mean, tackle it! Hee hee!

1. Where is your cell phone? - We are cats. We communicate with meows, rubbings, and stares. No need for a phone!
2. Where is the husband? - We are enjoying the single life!
3. Your hair color? - Well, Abby is brown, grey, black, and white (tiger!), and I am black with a few stray white furs.
4. Your mother? - Ms. C is our real mom now and wherever she is, we are!
5. Your father? - Mr.. R is our real dad now and he is playing with computers.
6. Your favorite thing? - Abby's favorite thing is “cat time” when she gets moist tuna once a day. Mine is being brushed or patted.
7. Your dream last night? - We dreamed we caught and ate spiders.
8. Your dream/goal? - We want to catch some live prey that we can eat!
9. The room you're in? - I am on the carpet near Ms. C, and Abby is in her own chair next to Ms. C.
10. Your hobby? - Sleeping, playing with furry mice, wrestling.
11. Your fear? - I fear being kicked out of my home again though Ms. C says that will never happen. Abby is not afraid of anything except maybe being taken to the vet to get fixed AGAIN. She doesn't need it but she says, “....still!”
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - We want to be next to Ms. C at all times.
13. Where were you last night? - I was under the bed when Abby wasn't chasing me.
14. What you're not? - I am not ever going to leave Ms. C.
15. One of your wish-list items? - I want more cuddles, and Abby wants me to be able to throw her mice for her to play fetch.
16. Where you grew up? - I lived with my previous family until the day I turned two, then they surrendered me to the SPCA where Ms. C and Mr. R found me a day later. I was all bones. Abby lived in a pet shop, then some other lady's home, then the SPCA, and now here with us! We love being with Ms. C and Mr. R!!!
17. The last thing you did? - Played with a mouse with Ms. C. Abby is still napping! Did you hear her snore?
18. What are you wearing? - We are NAKED!
19. Your TV? - We don't have a TV.
20. Your pet? - Maybe Abby and I are each other's pets, is that possible?
21. Your computer? - That's right, it's OURS. It's a Frankencomputer that Mr. R built for Ms. C.
22. Your mood? - Sleepy.
23. Missing someone? - No, Ms. C is right here so we are happy!
24. Your car? - What's a car?
25. Something you're not wearing? - Clothes (note to Mom - Don't even THINK about it!!) ** we copied this one from The Crew hehehe**
26. Favorite store? - We have never been shopping but we imagine it is one full of food, toys, and treats!
27. Your summer? - I just arrived in August, so it took me a few weeks to come out of my shell and realize I was safe. I am happy now. Abby was here since the spring, so she spent her time growing from being a 5.5 pound cat to a 9 pound cat.
28. Love someone? - We love love LOVE Ms. C and Mr. R!!
29. Your favorite color? - I like black, because I am black. Abby likes brown or leopard print cause she blends in with them.
30. When is the last time you laughed? - We let mom laugh for us. She laughs at us, too.
31. Last time you cried? - I cried for weeks after my last family abandoned me, even though I don't have tears like humans, you could tell. Abby cried after she flipped through the air when playing with a toy dangling from the door, and smacked her face off a wall. She went, “RrrrrRrRRRrReeEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” We all felt really bad for her.

Abby is . . .

. . . snoring! There is nothing to see in the video, but there is something to hear! She is on my desk in a ball, very happy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Even though Abby is. . . .

. . . mostly pretty silly . . .

. . . she is also pretty!

We hope everyone has been having a good week. Ours has been long, and getting steadily colder, so we make the most of the sun we've been seeing each day.

We got an award from a few people, and a meme to do, so we will be talking about those tomorrow. We have heard that rain is predicted for the weekend, so we are going back to our sunbathing while it lasts!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whadayawant? ....part II

Abby: .... Huh? Yeah? Whadaya want now? (slides off the chair on to the floor)

Stygia: Ms. C, come on and join us in the sun. It's nice and warm and bright and feels good, despite the fact that obviously you did a terrible job cleaning the windows yesterday.

It is so nice, in fact, that we are too lazy to fight. Oh, I love it when you clean between my ears without a bite, Abby.

It's like every day is Friday for us!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wacky Weed Wednesday

Stygia: Yes, it's Wacky Weed Wednesday! Perhaps it's obvious, but it's the NIP we're doing in the middle of the week! Mr. R thinks I look like E.T. in my 1st picture today. Does it matter? Abby is asleep, so the NIP and I are left alone to enjoy warming up in the sun:

This is goooooooood stuff . . .

Did I mention that this is some really gooooooood NIP?

Here is a close-up of my smile. In case you didn't notice, this NIP is really, really terrific!

NINJA Styggie!
I just can't believe that the whole time, Abby didn't even wake up to see what I was doing. It's a good thing because I get too anxious to really enjoy it when she is too close to me. Now it's time for me to *yawn* relax, too . . .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News Flash and Tabby Toesday

Abby: Sen-Chan, Tom, and #1 of The Poupounette have welcomed a new member of the family to their home yesterday! It's a coup for the cats, as felines Sen-Chan and his new Abyssinian sister now outnumber the other species in their household. We are so excited for all of you. Congratulations! She is a lucky little girl.

Speaking of lucky, Ms. C was very lucky this morning because I chose to warm her lap:

I don't know why they call relaxing "chilling out," because we were so warm and cozy. I love to lay all flat and spread out to maximize my warmth intake. I just let my tabby toes hang in the air, I was very relaxed!

I am not usually a lap cat. This morning, however, it was much colder than I was used to. The sun was not out. It was raining. I thought Ms. C looked like she could use some kitty warmth, so that's why I did it. Now that the sun has come back out, though, Stygia and I need to get back to our positions on the window.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Stygia: Huh, yeah? Well?
Abby: (zzzZZzzzzzz . . . .)

(ZzzzZzzzzz . . . .)

(soon after . . . )

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Abby & Stygia: HOORAY! Ms. C is home! Oh, please, come feed us.... and watch us wrestle!! Help us eat, and sleep.

Threatening Tabbies

Dear Ms. C,

This is an open letter to you, wherever you are.  

You see, we understand that you have important things to do this weekend. Things that do not include us. However, we had no idea that it was going to take you an entire day.  In fact, it's been almost 24 hours now, and we have seen neither hide nor hair of you.  

Dearest Ms. C, we very respectfully request that you return to your home and your chair as soon as humanly possible.  Yes, we know you are not a cat, you may not move with the speed or perfection of we of the feline family, but we are counting on your abilities.

In fact, if you do not return pretty much immediately, we are going to erupt into chaos!!!!  We will scratch and bunnY kicK every piece of furniture, we will open your drawers and shred open the catnip bag and eat it all, we will spill our food all over the kitchen floor and drag kitty litter all over the house!  WE MEAN BUSINESS!

(whispers)  ... we miss you. Get home safely.

Abby Normal

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ms. C ..... where are you?

Stygia: Ms. C took off for the day.  When she's not here, I like to occupy her chair immediately:

Abby: I still like my spot on the table in the window the best. The better to keep my eyes on you, Styggie.  But I am getting very lonely without Ms. C here at home. When is she coming back?!

Stygia: I don't know, Abby, but it's not going to stop us from our daily fun, is it?!  (proceeds to lay in place for about 45 seconds, not moving, but wearing static "scary" face)

Don't forget to stop over and see Stygia at House Panthers today!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Morning!

Stygia: Hi there, Abby. It's sunny, and our mom has opened the window. What shall we do today?

Abby: I bet you can guess what's on my mind...

(sounds of whapping and flopping, followed by thundering)

(sounds of rolling, tumbling, whapping, and fake growling)

Stygia: Ms. C was a little worried when she saw me doing my "snake" impression:

Abby: I don't know about you, but I really think this thing needs to be kicked! Bitten! ARRR! It makes me feel frisky every time I see it!

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cat Loaf

Stygia: Ms. C says that I am embodying the idea of the "cat loaf." I asked her what she meant, and all she'd say was, "You know, like a loaf of cat." Hmmm.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tabby Tail Action!

Abby: This situation looks peaceful enough. But as you, Stygia, and I know, it's not going to last, is it? Hee hee hee!

If she thinks she can just saunter across the room like that, well, she has another cat coming! I have become much more agile and adept since I first met Styggie. My tail and I launch into action!I usually don't play with my silly octopus toy very much, but today it was fascinating (maybe it was the nip....). I hugged it and bunnykicked it and in general tried to RIP IT APART!! (Ms. C: The people who made it must have known cats would want to try to rip it up, because I snoopervised carefully, but Abby was unable to rip any of it up. Good!).

But... you wanted proof that I am really an angel, right? Hee hee. Yes, the next picture shows off my sweet side:

Stygia: Two days ago, you got to see the front half of this picture. Ms. C asked me if she could post the "other end" of the picture today, she says she loves it so much for some reason, and since just about any part of me is beautiful, of course I agreed.