Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Takeover Complete

Success at last! After only a week and a half in residence, I have taken over Ms. C's desk! She had to put her keyboard in her lap to allow me my proper amount of space. Judging by how well I take up space now, as I grow, it's only going to get better!

Anyways! Tomorrow is going to be a super fun day because I am going to be featuring a friend of mine, who you may have already had a glimpse of in the comments. He has 2 ears, 4 paws, claws, and whiskers too! I'd have done it today, but Ms. C is a little bit under-the-weather and I can't hold on to any whip to crack it on her.


Cat Street Boyz said...

Ah Ha! Mommy was right, you were named after that extremely funny movie! And you are also a Pa. kitty as we are...that's so neat! I don't fit on the desk any more...Tang still fits....he and Cherokee are the smallest brothers. I can sure tell you are getting spoiled..just look at that smile on your face!=^Y^=Ty

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Abby. We have been wanting to meet you but mum lost our innernets somewhere but sometimes they come back furr a little while, so we are visiting while we can. When our new router comes we will be able to visit all our furrends again. You are a cutie and we'll add you to our linkies list.
Purrs furrom Eric and Flynn.
Fanks furr visiting me when I wuz pawly. I am nearly back to normal now and putting weight back on.
I preesheayte all the good wishes I got furrom efurrybuddy.

Angus Mhor said...

Good on ya, Abby! The desk's all yours, and she'll never get it back!

ML said...

Con-cat-ulations on your takeover. Well planned and executed.
I saw on your comment on my little sister KC's birthday post that you were in a spot of trouble for chewing a wire???? That, my dear, is my specialty. I am the wire-chewer. Just "fixed" Daddy Charley's headphones to his portable DVD player. Hee hee. And Faith Boo and Smokey send praises as well.
Miss T'Abby Normal, you have got it together.
Missy Blue Eyes

The Crew said...

Abby dear, remember you are just claiming what is ALREADY yours! Your humans need to learn just who is the boss there.

Sarah Hall said...

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