Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tabby Torture Instruments

I appreciate that they love me, I do. But ever since the vet called and talked about a "parasite," they have been torturing me. Depicted here are the instruments they use:

Supposedly this is supposed to clear the parasites out of my guts. But I don't appreciate it when they capture me and make me swallow the little pill. Yesterday it was just awful. It tasted so bad that I foamed at the mouth. Today, it was bad, but Ms. C coated it in the slippery, yummy-tasting butter and I did not foam. In fact, right after that she fed me some tuna!! It took that horrible taste away. I love her.


Daisy said...

Taking pills is icky! Usually the foaming is from the bitter taste. My big sister Pixie takes 4 pills every day (because of her heart condition). We wrap them up in a little piece of American cheese and make a little pill ball. Then my Mommie just pokes it down her throat (Pixie does not actually eat the pill ball, but the cheese coats it and makes it go down easier). I hope you do not have to take too many more pills!

Sen&Tom said...

You hare having a busy day, little girl, up early, all that napping and then all that torture! I know a thing or two about pills. At one stage, I was taking 6 a day. I just close my eyes and pretend I am elsewhere. I am big boy and very brave, so I don't need a towel. My No.1 tells me I am a wonderful little boy (it's TRUE!). Anyway, she keeps trying new ways of getting them down me painlessly and the latest idea from Christina, my vet, is to coat the pill with a little kitty malt. It's not so bad...

Your Pal,

Samantha & Tigger said...

Oh no, we hate taking pills too, but they are good for what ails us and they get us better! Hi we are Samantha & Mr. Tigger and we are very pleased to meet you!
Your FL furiends,