Sunday, June 15, 2008

Favorite Hangout

It is my prerogative as a cat to have favorite hangouts. Of course, the couch is one, and the fuzzy square of fabric Ms. C put in the window for me is really nice. But today, I have developed a new one:

Mr. R and his chair make up one of the most comfy places in the world to roll, relax, and sleep! I like being in his lap, squishing myself and squirming to get behind him, but probably best of all, I like sleeping on -- er, I mean, keeping a lookout from -- his shoulder!

Mr. R and I are both very pleased with this cooperative situation. It is really quite a privilege for him, too. I've spent a little time with Ms. C in her chair, but her chair does not have a high back, which serves as the perfect lookout, and she does not have a fuzzy blanket in her lap like Mr. R does. I really like him and his chair!

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