Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have Arrived!

Yes, I have Arrived to my wonderful new home!

According to my info-card at the SPCA, my name is "Abby" and I'm between 5 and 6 months old. I don't know if my new humans are going to let me keep that name. They said I have to earn my name, but then they admitted they like "Abby Normal," so the verdict is still out.

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening together! My human Mr. R patted me the whole way home, and I gazed up into his eyes for the whole ride home. My other human and personal secretary, Ms. C, already got a couple of wonderful portraits of my wonderful self. I am really comfortable with them already, I never even had to hide once they set me loose in my new home. I'm so comfortable around them that when they made some smoothies in the blender, well, I didn't hide for that either. I decided to watch instead.

I have been tasked with the awesome duty of keeping an eye on these two humans. I make sure I follow them everywhere they go. It's especially fun to run up and down the stairs, making as much noise as I can with all of my feet! I will let Ms. C write something about me now:

Ms. C: She is sleek and soft; her purr is (for now) quiet, and her voice-box is strong. She still believes she is a kitten, and pitches high her meows, her questions and demands, even though I have heard her full, more grown-up meow when she did not want to leave our arms at the shelter.

I am glad to be home!

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Sen&Tom said...

Hello Ms. Abby! Your name may be Abby but I AM an ABY! I wish you were close by so I could come and visit, but I live in France. Too bad! Anyway, I think you are a very lucky girl and you will have a really wonderful life with Mr. R and Ms.C. Good people!

Sen-Chan (your Abyssinian pal from France)