Monday, June 30, 2008

Great News & Playful Start!

The News
First of all, I am really excited to welcome some great friends of mine to the blogosphere! I introduced them last week, and now Sen-Chan and Tom have their own blog, The Pouponette! Visit it to see all the fun they are having, find out what a Poupounette is, and see all of their beautiful pics!

Playful Start
I was a little bit confused when Ms. C took my favorite place to lounge away, the table in-between their two desks. She said something about "painting the ugly thing," whatever that may mean. But as you can see, she kindly placed a temorary table between their desks and put a nice, soft cloth on it for me. I think it really sets off my stripes:

But do not be deceived by that pose of repose. I have many games to play each day, each of vital importance. Some, like this example of Catzilla, I like to play with Mr. R:

This morning I was up very, very early with the crazies at 4am. I viciously attacked those monsters under the bedcovers. Mr. R tried to calm me with some corporal cuddling. Just what is corporal cuddling? Ms. C has located (but had nothing to do with the creation of) a fun and educational video concerning this topic:

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

When the corporal cuddling failed, Ms. C decided to just do the right thing after all and get out of bed. I followed her, and while sitting in the chair next to hers, discovered that my tail was getting out of hand!! You can see here, I almost Got it:

Never fear, even though you see my claws viciously extended in the previous pose, no harm came to any tails:


Sen&Tom said...

Hi Abby! First of all, thanks so much for telling the world about our blog! We are very excited to be able to share our daily fun and games with lots of people!

I laughed and laughed when I read about your 4am crazies. I like to do that to #1 too although she just doesn't seem to want to get into the spirit of the game. As for Tom, he is PASSED OUT on his bed! I guess I'm the only true night owl in this house!

Your Pal,

goldenshade said...

Oh no, an unruly tail?

I hope you taught it a lesson!

purrs Goldie

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

That red cloth looks very comfy! Great action photo of you playing!

Angus Mhor said...

Abby, you are soooo funny! I think that temporary table was just the right thing..and the blanket sets of your bewtiful furs!

'K, I'm off to visit Sen-Chan and Tom!

DEBRA said...


You are right, red is your color. I have seen my sisfur have problems with her tail just like you did, but alas I do not have those problems (being tailless)...I guess it's one less thing for me to clean....

Thank you for your kind purrs for my brofur Ping...


Cat Street Boyz said...

My brother Tang has a CURLY tail! We have never seen anything like it. Mom will have to post a photo of his crazy tail for us sometime. That red blankee looks good on you!=^Y^=Ty

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

cool! i'll go say hi to your friends sen and tom right now.

i think you are a great Catzilla. you should get a Halloween or Christmas village like I have you can Catzilla in. it is fun!

you are training your beans well. first for the temporary table with soft cloth and also getting them out of bed. great job!

The Crew said...

Great boxing form, Abby! We assume you won that round.

Tybalt said...

Ha ha ha ha! Abby, you are a riot! Save some of that energy for the big birthday party tomorrow. It's going to be a lot of fun! Woohoo!

Mickey said...

Abby! Mom says you are full of beans!!!! Are you????
Beans always try to hug us when we are running around and attacking them,heehee It never stops us though!! Good thing you got that tail under control!!!!!
That red blanket looks good on you too ;)
Purrs Mickey

Willie said...

My mum was very entertained by that video. I liked hearing the cat noizes that those cats were making and kept trying to find them on the desk and under the desk but they weren't anywhere to be found,I gave up and went back to sleep. I hope my Mum duzn't try this corporal cuddling thing, but I bet she will.


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