Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Hidey-Holes

For the first few days, I ignored it, and now I'm not sure why! They've placed my condo near to the window so I can sit on top and look outside and all around:

Maybe you can see it in the picture above, but there is a furry mouse in the top level of the condo. I just discovered it today when I went to hang out in the top cubby for the first time, and the mouse and I had so much fun battling it out up there!

It's a great hidey-hole, and I have a clear view of both Ms. C and Mr. R when I am inside. I've also developed some new hobbies, including cursor-killing. I think a lot of you other cats might have known about this exciting game for a long time! I only do this on Mr. R's computer, and he assists me.

Ms. C has been giving me small spoonfuls of wet food today! Oh, I was so excited. As soon as she returned from the store and I heard the cans clanking together on the counter, I ran to the kitchen and let her know in my loudest (but cutest) voice that yes I am a very good cat and definitely deserve this treat! I may not care about regular treats, but wet food is another story. Ms. C said something to me about the vet finding a parasite in my bowel movement, and that I would soon be getting my medication with this wet food, but I am not concerned for now. As long as that wet food keeps coming!


Daisy said...

There are lots of fun things to do and discover and taste when you are still young!

Sen&Tom said...

Wow, Abby! I can't believe how many things we have in common! But I am sad to see that they include a pesky parasite. I have been trying to ditch mine for weeks (months...).

LOVE the cursor stuff too although my No.1 is not too sure about how good it is for her screen to be attacked by my beautiful, delicate paw...

As for wet food. It is most definitely YUMMY! Right now, I am mainly eating boiled chicken and rice and that's pretty good too, especially when it's cooked to order.

Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures.

Your Pal,

Parker said...

My Mommy says that you have a cute Tabby butt!
I am going to do your meme tomorrow!
ps - I was not allowed to eat the flowers. They looked pretty yummy, but I guess I can only eat them in my dreams!