Monday, June 16, 2008

Kill, Recharge, Repeat

I have been performing my job well, Ms. C says. Of course I have! She is pleased that I finally made use of my litterbox, but I have much more important things to attend to. Like killing the paper grocery-bag from both inside and outside, with the help of my little fuzzy mouse.

The bag must be landed on, bitten, whapped (several times each) and once it's thoroughly intimidated, I take my little mouse inside and go crazy in there to complete the task. Once that has been accomplished, well, I need to recharge for my next round. I even fall asleep in the bag. You never know, it could become unruly and I need to be right there when it happens.

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Sen&Tom said...

Hi Abby! It sounds like you're working really hard (did anybody say F.U.N.?) protecting Mr. R and Ms.C from their paper bags. Good for you!

If you're ever in the mood to relax, I wanted to mention that my favourite toy is something called a Cat Dancer. Great for muscle toning!

Your Abyssinian pal from France,