Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet a friend: Sen-Chan

Today I’d like to introduce a friend of mine! His name is Sen-Chan, and he is a gorgeous pure-bred Sorrel Abyssinian. Born on July 9th of 2007, he is in charge of a human, Ms. V, and an English Springer Spaniel six weeks younger than himself named Tom. They live in harmony together in France. Ms. V describes her first encounter with Sen-Chan:
“When I first met him at the breeders, he was already coming down with cat flu, so he wasn't feeling great, but he immediately knew what he wanted. He climbed onto my lap, and up my arm and to my face so he could give me lots of cuddles. This propensity for dishing out love is still, months later, one of his most endearing characteristics. He uses his paws, his head, and of course his tongue, to show his affection. And it's not at all limited to me. Anyone who crosses his path is treated as a potential best friend, and that includes all dogs!”

And as you can see, Sen-Chan really loves and cares about his “brother” Tom, the Spaniel. They play and nap together:

Like all of us kitties, Sen-Chan loves to stalk, chase, and play with his toys. Here is one of my personal favorite pictures of him, playing with the late Mr. Bun:

Unfortunately, Tom has a bad habit of stealing Sen-Chan’s toys (including Mr. Bun!) and chewing them to death. I am sure he just wants to share in the fun, but doesn't he know you can’t play with something once you’ve eaten it!?

In spite of this toy-stealing, Sen-Chan and Tom are devoted to each other. Ms. V writes that Sen-Chan “tries his best to keep Tom tidy and grooms him vigorously although the task is almost impossible. The two love to chase one another and often sleep curled up together.” I sure wish I had a pal like that!

Sen-Chan does not have his own blog, but as you can see he is a very up-to-date cat, and we keep in contact with frequent correspondence about important subjects as you can see from his screen:

Sen-Chan is so energetic that Ms. V has to feed him about six meals a day! If he's like me, I bet he wouldn't mind more! You can see just from looking at his pictures what a sleek, muscular, beautiful boy he is!

Special thanks to Ms. V for sharing the pictures of Sen-Chan. I could look at them and hear the stories all day long about how he likes to "get out" and runs around with his tail like an antenna, causing Ms. V and Tom to chase him minute after minute! Oooh, I love the game of Chase too! He is truly a lucky cat.


Sen&Tom said...

Thanks Abby! I am so thrilled to be featured on your site, and so is "Goofy Tommy", my brother!

Loved the bit yesterday about the desk. I guess Ms.C is just going to have to get a bigger desk....

Your Pal,

T'Abby Normal said...

You know what, that is a truly brilliant idea. A bigger desk. I'm going to start my campaign immediately. Thanks!!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Sen-Chan is a very handsome fellow! :) He almost sounds Sphynx-like, with his high activity level and frequent meals!

Daisy said...

Thanks for introducing us to Sen-Chan! He is a very handsome kitty.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Abby! Nice to meet you! I saw you over at KCs and wanted to say hi. See, I have an evil alter ego named Bendrix who chews cords, I'm the good personality (tee hee hee)

I looooooooove how you took over the desk. I think Mrs. C will have to get another for herself.

Sen Chan is a very handsome kitty. He is very brave to like a woofie so much. I'm scared of them unless they are online.

i hope you'll come visit me!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Sen-Chan is fortunate to have such a great woofie buddy as Tom.

Cat Street Boyz said...

Hi Sen-Chan & Tom! That was very nice of you to introduce them Abby!=^Y^=Ty

Parker said...

What a beautiful kitty!

Sarah Hall said...

My compliments and special thanks to Ms. V for sharing the pictures of Sen-Chan! I still hope that you will use this online custome writing service for any academic purposes!