Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good or Bad?

Ms. C says I am both Good and Bad.

I am much more good than bad! I am good for so many reasons: I am cute, I'm soft, I don't use my claws when I ambush Ms. C and Mr. R, when I bite Mr. R it's only very softly and I lick him right away so he knows I am not serious. I try to be patient--I don't wake them up when they are sleeping. I listened to Ms. C and scratched where she showed me it was a good place to scratch. I fetch. I wash copiously.

If I'm bad, it's only because I was left alone for the 1st time today and that is not my fault! You see, I'm still a little nervous and up until now, I've been able to lead Ms. C to the litter box when I have to go. She wasn't here and so I stayed safe upstairs and so what if I pooped on the couch? They left me... Ms. C says she is going to be getting me another box.

Ms. C just made her 1st movie today using her cybershot camera. It's a little dark, but it's featuring Me lounging in Mr. R's chair. Any video starring a happy cat has to be good! I hope you can see it:


Sen&Tom said...

I've been waiting ALL DAY for news of you and here it is, finally, just as we are about to go to bed over here! I read about your little upstairs gift... Guess what? I did the same when I first arrived! And I did get a nice box upstairs too! It takes a little time to train one's people...

We all LOVED the video!

Your Pal,

Fat Eric said...

Of COURSE you are a good cat!

And thank you for the kind words for my stressed out mum and her inspection.

Parker said...

Hi! You are beautiful! Welcome to blogging, I'm so happy you have found a forever home!

The Meowers from Missouri said...

welcome to the blogosphere, miss t'abby! our mom was just laffin' an' laffin' about yer name. we asked why it's so funny, an' she said we just hadda take her word fur it. *skritchin' heads* we don' get it.

anyway, we fink you sound like a perfectly normal kitty, an' we are efursoglad you haf found what sounds like a perfectly normal furrefur home!! may bast bless you real good!

yer furriends in missouri--
nels, ed, nitro, an' xing lu

Catzee said...

Good! Good! Good!

I tagged ya! Come an' see!!!!!!!!!