Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Fun

Mr. R plays with me every morning before he goes to work, even though he only has a few minutes for fun. I am always disappointed when he has to go! I wait at the top of the stairs for him to come home. Here is a picture from last week, I thought you might like my expression:

And here is a picture from this morning. Ms. C's nephew got me this fun new cat toy! It has feathers and slides across the floor so quick when I bat it. It is no accident that I am sitting here right next to it with this enquiring expression on my face:

As Ms. C expected, I have warmed up to my Silly Octopus Toy. Look what a good cat I am, carrying it back to Ms. C so she can throw it for me again:

Come on, let's PLAY!!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Can I "borrow" Mr. R?? I really really want to be played with anytime of day and I'm usually rejected. I like your new toy it looks fun!


Daisy said...

Abby, you are just the cutest little thing!

Sen and Tom said...

Hi Abby! So happy to see you playing and having fun - no collar!!!

I am a bit down today but my house-sitters are really nice and have promised to play with me a lot, and since Tom won't be here to steal all my toes. I will get to have some fun too!

Your Pal,

Texas said...

Wow, that looks like fun! I hope to see your meme soon.

Rascal said...

Great photos! I am always disappointed when my dad has to leave for work too.

I am feeling really well. Mom expects a good report at my next V-E-T visit later this month. Thanks for asking!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

wow! my daddy just stumbles to the bathroom and then car when he gets ready for work. my mommy plays with me tho.

that expression is so so cute! you are adorable.

you did a great job on your meme! i don't know how i'd live without my TV. i love my cat sitter video! it is great learning about my friends.

thank you so much for the healing purrs while i was sick. i'm sure the good thoughts are what are getting be better so fast. i am lucky to have such great friends.

Cat Street Boyz said...

My brother loves carring things in his mouth too. Mom and Ty have a teddy bear war goin' on...she keeps throwin' it up on the cat walk and he keeps bringin' it back down!!!Have a nice weekend!=^Y^=Tinker

GRRRETA said...

You have the most adorable facial expressions. You look very ferocious in the top pic. My favorite expression of yours is your "I'm up to something" look.

Parker said...

So cute, so very, very cute!
Abby, you always make me smile!