Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Nip

Abby: I had an incredible experience this morning, one I have not yet had before, not really. Ms. C offered some of these little green leaves she calls catnip to me before, but I was not interested. But this morning I was! She put a little bit on this piece of paper, but pretty soon I had it all over the surrounding carpet, in my fur, and I made sure to eat some of it too. I rubbed my chin on the carpet where the nip was, and rolled around, and dragged myself around upside down. It was grrrrrrrreat!

Stygia: Ms. C also offered me some of the nip and I reacted happily to it. It felt good, and I rolled a lot. It is really hard for Ms. C to get a picture of me because I am usually hiding underneath the dresser. I am still terrified of Abby. I also am not eating. I have had maybe a bite of my dry food, and they offered me tuna in gravy. I had a few licks of the gravy when Ms. C held the bowl up to me, but I did not eat more. I heard a rumor today they are going to try a different food and hope that my fasting is because I do not like my current food that the shelter gives to every new adopter family (Hills Science Diet).


Texas said...

Hi Stygia
I took about four days before I ate more than just a few bites, and a good week to start eating like the giant mancat I am after Mommy K adopted me from Mommy C. But Mommy K has lots of experience now cuz of my chemo helping cats that ain't hungry eat, so another thing Ms. C could try would be to boil you some chicken. This works like a charm when I am not hungry.Hope it helps!

DEBRA said...

Nip is heaven here on earth...I LOVE my nip nanner! I will roll and roll and roll all over it...and drool and drool and drool. Nip is cat mojo!

Stygia just give it a little time and I'm sure you will find that you are in a wonderful place and you'll feel quite comfortable...


Daisy said...

Catnip is fun! Stygia, I think it is very important that you start eating now, okay?

Sen and Tom said...

Hi Girls,

Glad you both enjoyed the catnip. I hope you get over being scared of each other very soon, and become the best of friends.And that Stygie starts to eat properly soon!

Your Pal,

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I didn't like nip when I was a kitten but I grew into liking it!


I'm sure you'll eat when you feel more comfortable Stygia!

PB 'n J said...

Sometimes Nip takes some time to grow on you Abby - and some cats never react to it (isn't that sad).

Um, Miss Stygia - please eat. We know it takes time to settle in, but you'll feel better if you get a little something in your tummy.

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Abby, Nip is wonderful isn't it! Sometimes we get nip toys and once my Aunt A gave us home made nip pillows with little cats on the fabric and organic nip inside. Mmmm that was very good. Tommy likes fresh nip but I don't.
Maybe you could help Stygia feel less scared if you purr outside her door and tell her that you just want to romp once in awhile.

Hi Stygia,
Two words: "Fancy Feast"
P.S. Our mom says don't get the kind with gravy or pieces cuz we just lick the gravy and leave the rest.
Your friends,
Shilgiah and Tommy

HotMBC said...

Nip is definitely super yall!
Good to meetcha Stygia!
the Hotties