Friday, April 3, 2009

Blog Hogs & the First Name Meme

Stygia: You will notice that some days, Abby hogs the blog. Today, it's my turn. Actually, Ms. C is going to hog the blog, and I am letting her do so on the condition that she intersperse her words with pictures of ME.

Hangin' out, staring at Ms. C

Ms. C: A couple of days ago, I was tagged by the gang at The Poupounette for the First Name Meme. So now I will give it my best shot!
  • What is your name? Catherine. The following answers must all begin with the first letter of your name.
  • A four letter word: Crab -- A fun creature at the ocean, or maybe my mood?
  • Girl's name: Cassiopeia -- Because it's fun to say out loud!
  • Boy's name: Cian -- Personally, my favorite male name besides my husband's.
  • Occupation: Cat-Lover -- How lucky that my name starts with C!
  • Color: Cyan -- I am not thinking of the rather plain color that comes as ink-jet ink, etc., but the color of the water at the Red Sea on the coral reefs. I once went snorkeling there, and cannot imagine anything much more beautiful than being surrounded by that light-filled color in the water and the rainbow of fish all around.
  • Piece of clothing: Codpiece (sorry, first thing I thought of . . . my brain loves the ridiculous!).
My belly as I jump for Ms. C!

  • Food: Chicken Marsala, one of my favorite things to cook though I don't like cooking.
  • Item in the bathroom: Cats (they always follow me in . . . . always!)
  • Place/City: Cairo (lived there for a year once)
  • A reason for being late: Car wouldn't start.
  • Something you’d yell: Crap! (What might be said when the car won't start)
  • Movie: Collateral
  • Something you can drink: Champagne (we heard a rumor it comes out of the taps at the home of the Poupounette).

I am watching YOU!

  • Band: Cowboy Junkies (I love their version of Sweet Jane)
  • Animal: Capuchin Monkey -- cuties!
  • Street name: Chestnut Street (unsurprisingly, next to Oak Street where I grew up)
  • Car: Chevette (because my Dad had one for years, and it sounded like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith when it went up hills).
  • Song: Cygnus . . . Vismund Cygnus by The Mars Volta (Strange and incredible feat of rhythm and passion)
  • Activity that includes more than one participant: Charades


Black Cat said...

Great meme Catherine and lovely photos of you Stygia!

Yes, I have a resident spider. I'm like your Dad. Could you teleport over and protect me from him? I've named him Boris and am making these jokey blog posts to try and make me less scared! Not sure if it's working... :) xxx

The Island Cats said...

Those are fun things to know about Ms. C! And Stygia...we love the belly shot!! We're glad you and Ms. C hogged the blog today!

pee ess. you and Abby can teleport over anytime and play with our new Turbo Track!

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

We love it! Come on over and have some Champagne with us! To the sound of the Cowboy Junkies, and with a dish of Chicken Marsala!

Your Friends at The Poupounette!

Camie's Kitties said...

Our Mom was laughing about the reason to be late because she was thinking of another kind of being late and a "C" reason for that.

Great meme.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Cat with a garden said...

That was fun! Now mom desperately wants to try your Chicken Marsala. Aaaahh...

PinkynAsh said...

That was neat to read about Ms. C, and to see pretty Panther pictures.