Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Goes There?

Stygia: Who goes there, in our yard? Do you see what I see?

Do you see??
Do you?!
What in the world?!

Maybe this will help you see:

Abby: I'm just gonna stay here and guard the tub with my scared tail! Ok?


Random Felines said...

introoder alert!!!

ABBY said...

Time to baton down the hatches -- INTROODER INTROODER!!!!!


The Island Cats said...

How dare he come into your yard!!

Mark's Mews said...

We saw an introoder cat in OUR yard today to! AT our best mousie holes!!!

Tabby Cat Club said...

Smart tabby cat you are! I would be right there in the house with you where the outside critters cannot find me.
Yes, you need to join the Tabby Cat Club. You will be a great addition to our club. Just email me at and send a photo of you along with your blog address and soon your badge will be on the way.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

A most excellent place to hide!! We would be right there with you ^..^~~/
~ The Bunch