Friday, September 5, 2008

Friends on Friday: Us

First of all, we'd like to send purrs to the family of Texas, who has made his final journey. We loved Texas and his blog, and all of our hearts are with his family right now.


Stygia: Perhaps you can tell by the last few blog entries, but this is our new favorite game, playing in and around the cat condo. When I first met Abby, I didn't understand that she was a wrestling-loving kind of cat. I thought she just wanted to fight, I didn't know this was a fun way that we cats could play together. I am learning!

I find it easiest to play from on top of the cat condo. I tried to dash into that top cubby that Abby is usually in once, but it was a lot smaller than I expected, and I ended up with my back legs and tail just hanging out. You can be sure that with Abby on my tail, I got out of there quickly!

Abby: We play this game throughout the day! Sometimes Stygia needs a little bit of persuasion in order to box and wrestle with me. I've had to be clever in my techniques. Usually, I just sneak up on her and whap her tail, but sometimes she ignores that, so as you can see from this video, I'm using the "bite the back" technique.

Well, it is time for our nap. It is afternoon and we need to store a lot of energy for evening excitement!

PS. When we ran the spell check we were shocked to see that "whap" is not in the dictionary. It's a very important term!


PB 'n J said...

Heh heh - we've noticed that whap isn't in there as well!

We love watching you guys play - you're getting very good at playing together!

DEBRA said...

Hey you guys are having a LOT of fun ... I whap at my brothers and sisters all day long. I have good muscles in my pawsies...

Abby(the manx)

Sen and Tom said...

Well, girls, I am happy to tell you that #1 checked our Collins English Dictionary and WHAP is in it!!!! It is apparently a less common spelling of "whop"!

Anyway, great posting. The photos are great. Stygia's eyes look amazing against her black fur and Aby's eye make-up is stunning!! The video is a lot of fun. I wish I could come and play with you. Did you know that my tail is 10 inches long?!

Your Pal,

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Whap is such an important word! You guys look to be having lots of fun.


Daisy said...

Oh Stygia, I am so happy to see you and Abby having so much fun playing and rasslin' together!

meemsnyc said...

That cat condo looks like such an awesome thing to play with. Maybe we can get our mom to get one too!!

Parker said...

Way to go you two! I think you are going to be great buddies now!

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

OMG!!! We do the exact same thing! We do it because it makes our momma laugh lots.

GRRRETA said...

It would have been so funny to see Stygia trying to fit inside the kitty condo cubby. You two look like you are having a lot of fun together.

The Island Cats said...

Looks like you two are getting along better...fighting is just part of the game!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Whap is definitely in the kitty dictionary. It's the human dictionary that's lacking it.

Looks like you two really have fun!