Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The stuff is OURS

Abby: The world is ours. The sun belongs to us. It went missing for a few days, so we were glad to see it return to us, its rightful occupants.

Stygia: We are also happy 'cause our chair is back! It was "out of commission" (Mr. R says) for awhile, but now it's back! Yes, it really is back, if I may stress our excitement over the matter once and for all. Abby and I took turns jumping in and out of it, and jealously spectating as the other slept in it.

Abby: There is this pink bear that Ms. C won that I have adopted as my pet. I wrestle with it, and I sleep with it too. Ms. C said something about "compromising position" but she didn't try to move me, which I appreciate. She also wants you to know that no cats were ever stored in that box behind our chair. It's just short for her full name. I didn't know "Cat" was short for "Mom," but who am I to argue with humans' weird ways?

Last but not least is THE TUB. The picture of me isn't the best because I am on the move. They dropped in the catnip mouse and I flipped, rolled, jumped, bustled, wrestled, and had a great and slippy old time in the TUB! I hope they keep it in the middle of the living room floor forever! What?? You aren't going to? .....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Stygia: It's potentially Sun-Day every day here. Now that fall has arrived, the sun spends all morning and afternoon coming through our windows, a little longer each day. And did you know, those Plague Ratsies smell even better in the sun? Here I am after a really wild session with my ratsy, keeping my paw on its tail so it won't get away:

Of course, there is someone else, She Who Shall Not Be Named, who does not like to be left out. Ms. C caught the action with her secret security camera which is why it is a bit murky, but you can get the idea:

It's all about the Plague Ratsies!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

If We Were Authors

Stygia: You haven't heard from me in awhile, so now you are going to!

I was thinking of writing a new novel... (as if I have written one yet...). I think it should be a mystery novel. Why? Because....

There are some mysteries only a BLACK CAT can solve.

Don't you agree? Not to sound as if I am better than a Persian, a Tabby (yeah, you Abby!), an Abyssinian, or even a frog or an English Spaniel, but...! I believe there are only some mysteries that can be solved by Black Cats. We all have our specialties, after all.

Would you want to read this book? I love being in cahoots with Ms. C, I think we could easily solve a mystery together. It would look like this:

But I sure get curious sometimes... and distracted. Perhaps these features of my purrsonality will be to my benefit in the end...

You wanna read it? !