Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sharing, Whacky Weed, and ATTACK Wednesday!

Stygia: Look at this. I was hanging out next to Ms. C quite calmly and happily, when Abby decided she had to sit here too. Don't you think it's a little rude, the way she is sitting on me? I'm trying to stay calm.

Don't like it? Talk to the paw! She tells me. I'm not going to even sniff the paw, never mind deign to talk to it.

Now for the whacky weed! When I get to roll in the weed, I become like a vacuum, and then I just chill.

Abby: Whacky weed attack! I seem to have lost my head!

Poor Ms. C, she is having a different kind of attack, allergy attacks. See those lovely long dangling things hanging off the birch tree? They make her miserable! We hope they go away soon so she will be happy again.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How.... did..... ugh....

Abby: Check out this cool cave! I got here first, so it is MINE, and I am not going to let Styggie share it with me. After all, look -- it has 'nip all inside of it! Mine, mine mine!

ARRRR! Yaaaaa! This thing has nothing on my paws, claws, feet, and fangs!

There's a saying that people use a lot that isn't very nice, but I kinda think it applies to this fun situation, so I'll just paraphrase it by saying, "There's more than one way to bite a box!"

As all of you know, once you have thoroughly conquered the outside of the box, you must then enter it to surprise and intimidate all your foes with scary sounds and ambushes:



Wait a minute! This was not supposed to happen. Where am I? Oh my gosh, oh no ... no, NO! Please, please, pleeeaaaaaase do not "fix" me again! I am purrfect, I promise!

Well, ok, it was awful. Going to the vet is always awful, but Dr. V did compliment me on the shiny softness of my coat! But . . . (whispers) he also told me I should not gain any more weight.

Well you know what that means . . . everyone should really be extra nice to me for the rest of the day. No one should touch my tail, and I am just going to lounge everywhere, upside down:

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Ms. C is still adjusting to her new job, and her grandma is quite ill, so she has been distracted, but we understand.