Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Stygia will be 17 this summer and she is still a supermodel. If you think she is too slim, please observe the primordial puff on the left side. She is perfection. She is sleeker than a Jag.

Katie is full of love!

We are very sad to note that the originator of this blog inspiration, Abby Normal, died in May of 2019. As many cats do, she hid her symptoms until it was too late. I've never had a bond with a cat like I did with her, and though she was ridiculous and dramatic, swearing every day, she was also dedicated and totally loving. Even in her last days, I saw her eyes light up when I came home from work. She'd have loved these days when I work from home. I wish she were here.

And now there is Katie. She looks a lot like Abby with the mackerel pattern, although she is tiny; about 4 pounds lighter than 11-pound Abby was. She lived on the streets for 3 or 4 years and then when a friend of mine found her injured and took her to the vet, she wound up at my place. She is full of joy--she plays all day with lots of trills over her excitement at all the toys she has, and follows me. Every day even now I miss my Abby, and I am so glad I have these other cats that maybe aren't like her but fill my days with purrs and fun and everything else cats bring to us that is good and wonderful in life. They are there, full of love, no matter how dark the day and that is a wonderful thing. 


Summer at said...

Wow! I've never met you guys before, but you showed up in my reader from the cat before me, Sparkle. It's nice to have new/ old friends.

meowmeowmans said...

We re sorry to learn that Abby Normal passed away. Purrs to you. We know how it never gets easier, and that you miss your heart cats always.

Katie sounds like a special kitty. We are glad she brings such happiness to your home.

MONK said...
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Carlos said...
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